Daily Archives: April 5, 2002

on with the show, this is it!


And right now its sunny out, and it MAY shower later…*crossing fingers*…but I have a good feeling today.

We yelled and screamed and sang for sun last night after our last meeting. I was at the stadium until 12:30, stringing groupie (guest) passes. I think some people were there even later…and we’re due back at 8am.

I am so psyched for today. Show starts around 1; we’re doing the last checks now, The 40 of us worked so well that we’re at leats a couple hours ahead of schedule today. We built that damn fair, ground up, laying plywood and setting up tables in beer tents, the stage, the sound tower, everything.

And I finally got to PAINT THE CAIRN LAST NIGHT!!!! I’ve been wiating years to do that!!!