ow. ow. ow.

I just put in a day’s labour down on the ol’ Arts County Fair. We built us a stage!

(That WAS a grass-covered field yesterday, and will be again next week, but now, it’s a STAGE! A real stage!)

The 40 or so of us were in and out of the stadium all day, working away, and we had an additional staff of professionals to direct stage setup and to hook up the lights and build scaffolding and all that stuff that us students can’t do/aren’t qualified to so/would be unsafe to do.

It was actually fun. Really! There’s MP3s piped through the stadium speakers all day, so we can sing along and dance along to keep energy high. And some moments, it’s like being in an MTV: Making Of Festival special or something, just watching it all come together to an alt-rock soundtrack. Like yesterday…it was beautiful, we were all out there, all of us on AUS being friends by now, and “Where The Streets Have No Name” was on, and it was just…a good moment to be there, building a festival, at our little university out here by the sea at the Edge of the World.

Gorgeous spring Vancouver weather today…sunny, about 70F, clean, clear air. Low humidity, everything around us coming back to life, green trees against clear blue sky. Driving to campus today, I go up streets that are lined with cherry trees, whole trees of palest pink against the mountains. This is so amazing. This is what I wanted to come home to: spring in southwest BC, to be astonished every day by the contrast and color level, the sharp outlines of the mountains, the sun silver on the water.

I’m going to sleep now. Many things hurt now…the “V” of muscles down my back, lower back, arms, glutes, etc. My right tricep is really sore. Feels good & all that, but I’m dead tired, and really need to lie down and rest up…tomorrow’s another big day.

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