you hurt my bong!

So saith Big Pete, when Tej fell on the table in the backyard.

We have a table in the backyard, made of a large board on a stump. Tej fell on it, breaking many things, among them the Skyy vodka bottle, and the brand new bong that the boys JUST christened tonight.

“Tonight, Tej broke a door handle, a bong, and a vodka bottle!”

I’ve been up for three hours drinking with the Professor, who is one of the few guys who doesn’t live here, but whom we all like quite a bit. Except Kasel, after the rousting episode.

I was woken for this by people parking just outside my Lair, saying “where’s Jillian?”. That, I must respond to, with “OK, one cigarette and one drink and then I’m sleeping!”

The Professor is a baaad influence. I had JUST sobered up, too. But no, I had to do more shots of vodka and Baileys because I had to keep my honour! (That would be my honour as a Canadian, a nation known for high alcohol tolerance) Three HOURS worth of drinking.

Pete is SO mad at Tej for breaking his bong. Meanwhile, I’m mad at Timmy for drinking my vodka. I had a full bottle earlier tonight, and I get home…and 70% of it is GONE!!! This is Mike’s fault…Mike saw Tim drinking Alberta Vodka (shite) and told him he could share my Skyy. Mike doesn’t like me drinking anyways.

(This is proven by the quote: “I JUST got you detoxed from Amarillo, and look what you moved into!!!”)

Yep. Good times.

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