THIS is why I moved home

Go now.
Write your elected officials.
And remember that Bush is a COMPLETE hypocrite, “this country is great because of its freedoms”, ‘sha, right. I knew this was coming.

6 responses to “THIS is why I moved home

  1. A blanket of ignorance is comforting and warm, but if you spend your life wrapped around it you will gain atrophy.

  2. Just as if you were to lay in bed every day under your warm comforting covers and you got atrophy in your muscles (meaning they lose all their strength), ignorance will turn your brain to mush

  3. I GOT that, I was just wondering if you were implying I was ignorant for suspecting Bush would lower the privacy boom, esp considering I got that info from your journal

  4. I think I was agreeing with you and that some of the United States feels that just because we are “Free” that we will always be “Free” and it’s our government’s job to keep us “Free” and they wouldn’t do anything to compromise our “Free”dom

  5. Ah, yes, exactly…we’ve been talking about this in polisci…people who do not livein secure countries are far less likely to question the government they need to protect them…

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