dude, where’s my car?

where’s your car dude?

so saith i as we try to remember where the hell we left onyx the taurus.

fun night. we went out with Neil, and Neil’s date downtown.

we wanted to go to sonar…OK, so *I* wanted to go to sonar, because I am just THAT behind the times, and haven’t been yet (weird, for me, damn boyfriend, slowing me down…and even HE’S been when he was here without me). $15 cover. and no where else in gastown did we deem worthy of our patronage.

so then, we had to find the parkade with the car in it, and move over to luvafair.


i love it here.
these are my people (thank you jenone 😉
it’s like evolution in Victoria, only with more expensive liquor!

had a few drinks, made fun of some music, came home.

roomates have gone to local bar. it’s so quiet!

‘scuse me while i go pass out 😉

(hey, i’m tired, tipsy, and thanks to that 2am slice of 88c pizza, carb-laden & logy)

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