addition to the soundtrack

See below.

Went to beer garden last nite. That was cool, because there was a slew of people there I knew from AUS. I’m pretty cheerful about all this because I’ve only been here three weeks, and already, I’ve met a lot of people through HSA (history Student’s Association) and AUS/Underground.

Got there around 6pm or so. I gathered up the crew & shoved them into the Batmobile.

(Tonya, Amarillo, July ’99, enroute to havoc wreaking: “TO THE BATMOBILE!”)

…and off we went.

You could tell we were a Force to be Reckoned with because we were blasting loud, cheesy, rap music from my junior high years. And anytime a group of people are driving with Cool Soundtrack Music, they MUST be the protagonists (unless it is evil soundtrack music) and everyone else must get out of their way as they head to their destination.

Moving on, it was raining and cold at the event, but there was a live band playing, a Celtic type band like Great Big Sea or SOTW, and they even played a cover of “Home for a Rest”. By that time, I was really tipsy, having had two mugs of psyder, and nothing to eat since some corn chips at HSA meeting six hours prior. So I was more than happy to dance around and play soccer with beach balls…

(…and watch said balls fly RIGHT OVER the Destroyer’s head because he was SO drunk he was passed out by 5pm and had to be woken to go to this)

…and dance to “Home for a Rest”, kicks and arm-in-arm twirls and all with one of the guys from AUS.

(That’s a BC thing. Don’t even TRY to understand, because BCers will even dance like that in circles in clubs when that song comes on. We LOVE that song. We LOVE Spirit of the West dammit)

Time to go get dressed – going out with Neil tonight, like adults, dammit. So proud of that.

3 responses to “addition to the soundtrack

  1. like adults?

    What’s that suppose to mean? =)

  2. Going to Luvafair and drinking in a club instead of drinking at home and/or on campus 🙂

  3. Ah. That’s a pretty damn cool website!

    If the club is anything like the website, I gotta go there sometime! =)

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